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Trimble Connect

Connecting the right people to the right constructible data at the right time.

Connect Collaborate Construct.

Collaboration made easy for construction.

Trimble Connect provides a single source of truth, ensures project teams can add & enrich the model data, plan delivery schedules, erection sequences, & much more.

Project stakeholders can share, review, coordinate & comment on data-rich building models in real time, anywhere, on any device.

With Trimble Connect, everyone involved in a project can see the big picture, right down to the tiniest detail. Bring people, technology & information together to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Adopt the Constructible Process

Trimble Connect


A Trimble Connect Business license is included with Tekla Structures subscriptions & perpetual license maintenance.

Allows models to be published directly from Tekla Structures to Trimble Connect.

Share your constructible models, drawings & other documents with ease with Trimble Connect.

Provide project stakeholders with enhanced 3D design review, coordination, collaboration, & project management processes.

Trimble Connect provides a single source of truth avoiding outdated data, incomplete data sets, & misinterpretation.

Using Trimble’s cloud-based platform, you can quickly reference information such as models & documents for seamless communication with other project participants.

Mobile, desktop & web accessibility, all stakeholders can easily access the information they need 365/24/7.

Keep your data safe & accessible anywhere & anytime with Trimble Connects’ cloud storage.

Achieve predictability & control by consolidating information across the design, build and operate project phases.

Features to suit your role & requirements. Configured as Personal, Business & Business Premium. 

Additional Augmented and Mixed Reality configurations available.

Configurations available for Augmented Reality even Mixed Reality with Trimble Connects’ HoloLens.

See accurate constructible Tekla models with full-scale overlay in the real world.

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