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Authorized Trimble Solutions reseller & distributor.

We sell, support & extend Tekla Structures & related tools

You have the expertise, we have the tech & experience, we'll help you deliver better projects.

Truly constructible Tekla models with Tekla software.

Our Products

Revolutionize the way you design & deliver structures.

A multi-material structure being detailed on Tekla Structures.

Tekla Structures

Improved productivity, profitability & accuracy with Tekla´s truly constructible BIM software. Accessible data-rich models at your fingertips, enhancing efficiency in every phase of your project regardless of structural material or project type.

Trimble Connect being used to collaborate on a multi-material building structure.

Trimble Connect

Connecting the right people to the right constructible data at the right time. Shared constructible data in the Trimble Connect platform improves insight, enables informed decision making & enhances project efficiency for the whole project team.

Tekla Model Sharing collaboration anywhere.

Tekla Model Sharing

Bring Tekla Structures users together from any location with a truly innovative structural modeling collaboration platform on the cloud. An innovative & patented workflow significantly enhances the efficiency of entire teams working on a project.

Product knowledge, industry & structural expertise to help you succeed

Our Services

We're here to help new & experienced users every step of the way.

We arrange licenses to suit your requirements.

Renew recurring subscriptions, & renew maintenance for perpetual licenses.

We’ll get you started quickly & efficiently with the least hassle.

We’ll help you succeed with your Tekla software by providing you with training.

Getting started training on Tekla software is free online. We’ll guide you through your first steps and the available material.

Cadex SA provides Basic, Intermediate & Advanced training on Tekla Structures, as well as on the highly productive features & tools we’ve added in the South African environment. 

Our training helps you to work efficiently, understand the workflows you’ll be using & to get the most out of Tekla software.

We assist you with implementing Tekla software.

We’ll help integrate Tekla software on your projects, with your processes & with your equipment.

We’ve got your back, we’ll support you.

Cadex SA provides detailed comprehensive support on Tekla software to users.

Tekla Solutions provides additional online services.

Localization is the look, feel, fit & content of the software, the documents & other deliverables.

Cadex SA owns and maintains the highly productive South African environment which is localized for our region. 

We localize Tekla & the environment for our users wherever they are – to ensure the software works as expected, is productive & delivers what’s required.

If you get stuck or need assistance, we have industry experience & technical knowledge to assist.

Not sure how to make best use of Tekla? We can offer detailed advice.

Looking for extra-capacity from our users? We’ll put you in touch.

Tekla software can be customized easily, at all levels. You can customize yourself, or we can help.

We customize components, connections, reports, drawings, entire workflows & much much more…

We can help train you to customize Tekla software.

Tekla software can be automated easily, at all levels. You as the user can automate, or we can help.

We can automate, input of routine or complex structures, giving a competitive advantage or giving a fast predictable result.

Tekla software is delivered with impressive automation at all levels – we can adjust & extend that automation to suit you.

Users can extend Tekla software at every level.

We, or our Development Partners, can help extend Tekla Structures for users.

With Tekla Structures the Tekla Open API can be used to: –

  • Customize Tekla Structures functionality to fit your projects
  • Speed up your daily activities by recording & automating user interface actions
  • Increase productivity in modeling & drawing creation
  • Turn manual routines into automated actions
  • Integrate Tekla Structures with other software
  • Create intelligent 3D products & tools for building product manufacturers

Cadex SA helps users skill-up on new versions, new features & agile workflows.

Need a quick run-through on something you’ve not done or a feature you’ve not used for awhile? Cadex SA can help.

Cadex SA can help ensure everyone working on a project is using the same best practice. 

Authorized Trimble Solutions reseller & distributor.

Why choose Cadex SA?

Our industry experience, technical ability & product knowledge ensures your success.

We’ve got your back. We’ll help you deliver your projects, overcome challenges & achieve outstanding results. We ensure our users have the best tools, skills & assistance to ensure project success. We’ve been doing that for our Tekla users since 1998.

Cadex SA created, owns & maintains the South African environment for Tekla Structures. Our environment is a collection of files, settings & carefully localized content that intelligently works together to ensure you get the accurate result that you expect. Our environment ensures our users deliver reliable data that meets with industry requirements. The South African Environment is our intellectual property developed for the benefit of our Cadex SA’s users. Our environment ensures Tekla Structures works out of the box, is a good fit with both local & regional requirements, it ensures users are productive from the start without hassle.

We’ve been intimately involved in building the steel detailing capability in Sub-Saharan Africa with Tekla’s software. We’ve provided Tekla BIM solutions before BIM was even invented. As engineers with a passion for structures, automated 3D rebar & precast detailing logically followed steel detailing.

We provide the settings, onboarding, training & support to new & existing users. Where necessary we automate, extend & customize Tekla Structures to suit you & your project.

Cadex SA has skills, the industry knowledge & structural expertise along with the product knowledge to help you succeed.

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Tekla Structures Maintenance

Secure your productivity & achieve more with Tekla Maintenance.

Maintenance ensures users with perpetual licenses get the most out of Tekla Structures & benefit from new developments.

Makes your work faster & easier. You’ll have the most up-to-date version of Tekla Structures, access to the latest features, the latest service packs, Cadex SA support, & access to Tekla Online Services.

Tekla Maintenance gives you the best chance of success.

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