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Secure and productive collaboration for Tekla Structures users.

Tekla Model Sharing

The only construction sharing technology to allow teams to create in the cloud & work predominantly offline.

Collaboration made easy on Tekla Structures projects.

Collaborate with as many Tekla Structures users as needed to speed up project delivery. Stay up to date on changes & work being done by others on the project. 

Tekla Model Sharing is a powerful BIM collaboration tool that allows Tekla Structures project teams to work together efficiently, regardless of location.

Faster, secure, more flexible delivery of constructible models.

Patented technology enables project team members to simultaneously work with a local copy of a Tekla Structures model and securely synchronize as and when they like.

Bring Tekla Structures users together from any location

Tekla Model Sharing


Tekla Model Sharing helps you work with flexible teams, work with new people & work with other partners, wherever they are.

Only a tiny amount of data is transferred, so even the slowest internet connection will suffice.

Your location is no longer a barrier to success!

Work on local copies of a model & let Tekla’s patented synchronization technology take care of the rest.

The internet is only needed to share your changes.

History is backed up on the cloud for safe, secure and accurate planning.

Synchronize model changes when it suits you or the project team.

It’s you choice when you connect & synchronize your changes.

Used by individual users, small & large offices alike for excellent team collaboration.

Makes collaboration and teamwork a dream.

Improves data security when working with 3rd parties.

All Tekla Model Sharing data is secured using Microsoft Azure.

You can manage access rights to the model for secure working.

Outsiders don’t need to access your company network or your computers.

Data transfers are encrypted.

Tekla Model Sharing is an add-on service to your Tekla Structures license.

No additional software or hardware is needed.

Tekla Model Sharing is easy to arrange.

Get started on Tekla Model Sharing

Work wherever you are. All you´ll need is the internet to share your changes whenever you choose.

Tekla Model Sharing builds flexible agile teams, tackling simple & complex projects faster.

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