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The most advanced, most powerful structural BIM software.

Tekla Structures

Create, combine, manage & share multi-material 3D models packed with valuable detail & construction information.

The World Leading BIM Software for Steel & Concrete Structures

Improve your productivity, profitability, & accuracy with Tekla´s truly constructible BIM software.

Tekla Structures is used around the world to create, combine, manage & distribute accurate, constructible multi-material models for all types of structures from simple to complex.

Automate time-consuming tasks & make modelling & detailing with any material faster, easier & more accurate with less waste. 

Parametric, intelligent & automated.

Improved productivity, profitability & accuracy

Tekla Structures


The most accurate & integrated way to manage detailing, fabrication & erection workflows for all steel structures.

Deliver your best work in less time, every time.

Generate model-linked fabrication & construction documentation with details & visualization that are always up to date.

Efficient workflows lead to more efficiency & better-quality results.

Bring new efficiency to steel production workflow. Detailing is more efficient & flexible. Intelligent, accurate Tekla models contain information for generating intelligent drawings & reports, which stay up to date regardless of changes.

Transfer model data directly to fabrication & project management, enabling increased productivity with higher automation & reducing errors.

It is easy to win more tenders & projects with sales models.

The most advanced BIM software for rebar detailing.

Detail any rebar for any structure in 3D, regardless of size & complexity.

Number rebar automatically & generate all documents (drawings, lists & schedules) directly from a model.

Prevent detailing, documentation & coordination errors.

Save time & prevent clashes & human error from data input to rebar processing.

Adapt to project changes quickly & effectively.

Find, use, report & transfer information efficiently according to your workflow needs.

Drive rebar detailing efficiency, ordering, fixing & checking rebar fixing from the office to site.

The constructible Tekla models minimizes costly surprises & rework in precast manufacturing.

Work with any structure regardless of size, complexity, or type.

Estimate accurately & manage risk when bidding.

Avoid detailing & manufacturing errors, minimize the need for rework.

Manage project changes easily.

Integrate with production machinery & transfer manufacturing data efficiently.

 Plan & coordinate projects better.

 Communicate clearly using the 3D BIM model.

Create 3D BIM models with the level of details that suits the stage of your project.

High levels of interoperability.

Take advantage of & achieve full BIM coordination, collaborate easily with other disciplines (MEP, HVAC, architectural, civil…).

Take control, model any structure quickly & efficiently in 3D, regardless of size & complexity.

End ambiguous & faulty design communication that introduces doubt & uncertainty.

For all structural materials or project types, a truly constructible models improve insight & can be accessed freely, everywhere.

Improve process & plant delivery with Tekla’s BIM software.

Coordinate both plant design & process machinery.

Accurate information in 3D models brings benefits throughout the lifecycle of an industrial facility or process plant.

Track progress, synchronize models used by contractors & design offices, avoiding clashes, delays, errors and rework.

Adopt to project & design changes effectively & with the least disruption.

Find & solve problems & explore alternatives virtually in the Tekla 3D BIM, before construction begins, avoiding expensive delays.

Model, Plan, Pour with the constructible Tekla BIM model.

Tekla models include concrete pours, detailed rebar, embeds, temporary works & formwork.

Readily available information for measuring, reporting & managing projects.

Accurate real time information for smooth construction.

Reduce risks with unrivalled project insight & control.

Improve estimates & schedules with accurate material quantity take-offs.

Win bids with impressive model-driven presentations.

Protect profit – save time when planning & pouring.

Communicate clearly, manage teams & coordinate projects effectively.

Reduce waste & improve quality.

Track project status, like work completed, ongoing or outstanding.

Improve process & plant delivery with Tekla’s 3D BIM software.

Accurate data rich models bring benefits throughout the lifecycle from conceptual layout, through construction, maintenance and decommissioning.

Tekla’s 3D BIM enables real-time information sharing, reaching all project stakeholders quickly, decreasing information gaps & costly misunderstandings.

Coordinate both plant design & process machinery.

Automating common &  repetitive processes, or structural components.

Track progress, synchronize models used by contractors & design offices, avoiding clashes, delays, errors and rework.

Adopt to project & design changes effectively & with the least disruption.

Find & solve problems & explore alternatives virtually in the Tekla 3D BIM, before construction begins, avoiding expensive delays.

3D BIM software for all stages of a project. Work at the level of detail that suits your role & the project stage.

The earlier the project is modelled on Tekla Structures, the better the project outcome.

High levels of interoperability with industry standards and equipment.

Create, combine, manage & share accurate multi-material models with any mix or level of detail to suit the project stage, or your project role.

Used from initial concept, early design, detailed design, through full production & construction, even maintenance & recycling. 

Start your next project in Tekla Structures now

It’s a better way of working. The sooner your project is in Tekla Structures, the better the outcome for all project stakeholders.


Recurring subscriptions.  

Subscriptions are online licenses.

Online licenses are managed by the user securely online using the Tekla Online Admin Tool by whoever has administrator rights in the user’s organization.

Perpetual licenses have not been offered since 2021.

Perpetual licenses are on-premises activated by the user.

Subscriptions for Tekla Structures are available in three configurations:

  • Carbon – for viewing models, extracting data &collaborating on projects.
  • Graphite – for authoring constructible models & producing design documentation.
  • Diamond – for performing detailing of any material & automating production workflows.

Contact Cadex SA for a full feature comparison.

Perpetual licenses were available in other configurations.

A perpetual license was paid up-front . Yearly maintenance gives access to support, online services & upgrades.

Recurring subscriptions are on-going & priced annually. Subscriptions include support, online services  & upgrades.

Subscription licenses are delivered securely online directly to your Tekla Online Admin tool.

Perpetual license entitlements are delivered by email for on-premises activation.

You can use a subscription offline for 72 hours.

You can reserve a license on a computer, this keeps the license locally on the computer allowing the license to run in offline mode without an internet connection.

Yes, subscriptions work with Tekla Structures 2019 & newer versions.

Contact Cadex SA and we’ll explain how that can be done.

Reach out to Cadex SA on the contact page and ask your question, we’d be delighted to help. 

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