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Boost your potential with Tekla Structures 2024

Tekla Structures 2024

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The latest, most advanced, most powerful release of Tekla Structures...

Tekla Structures 2024

Summary of version highlights, improvements & feature updates

Assembly drawing cloning now automatically gives more correct results, so less adjusting is needed.

When the model changes, your drawings stay up-to-date far better.

Greater control over your drawing setups to meet specific project needs & regulatory standards. Use new custom colours & adhere to industry-standard font sizes, your drawings will not only look professional but also remain compliant.

Now drawings can also be delivered in DGN format, catering to the demands of your project stakeholders efficiently.

Enjoy more intuitive modelling with less iterations from the start.

Do more in one view with the new model rotation features & better snapping options.

Now you can quickly copy properties on the property pane when modelling or editing drawings.

Property panes are now available for all drawing objects for consistent experience.

Quicker ways to insert bolts correctly from the start.

Now you have better control over model object properties in the IFC exports to satisfy project requirements at each project phase.

Manage flexibly all properties in one place.

Include buildingSMART property sets, previously integrated & unexposed properties & use filters to apply details to specific model parts.

Leverage BCF Topics, the open industry standard from buildingSMART, for improved model-based communication across all construction project stakeholders.

Customizable issue management workflow of the BCF standard, integrated with Trimble Connect, allows for the storage of model markups, comments, & attachments in a shared project space.

This ensures transparent communication & can be seamlessly synced, for example, with your fabricator’s operations, ensuring efficient collaboration.

Select the storage location for your Tekla Model Sharing project data to comply with project-specific data storage requirements.

Benefit from enhanced & more accurate rebar geometry generation using rebar sets.

Better control the reinforcement shape recognition in numbering to ensure that the bar bending schedules (BBS) are optimized for fabrication, delivery logistics & site operations.

Cadex SA's rich collection of technical settings & features to ensure you can work better

Cadex SA's environment for 2024

Environment updates & Highlights

Choose the approach to calculating steel mass on the fly to suit the fabricator or client. Switch effortlessly between gross mass & mass as an when required – drawing & reports update correctly & automatically to changes.

Apply of change the finish for all parts & bolts finish for the model. Switch finish effortlessly. Override part or assembly finish for selected parts. Drawing & reports update correctly & automatically.

Choose to use drawing revision numbers & drawing revision marks effortlessly with confidence. Switch at the click of a mouse knowing that drawings & drawing reports update correctly & automatically.

Need to include an allowance for bolts lost or broken – one that you can adjust on the fly. Its sorted. Change the allowance effortlessly with confidence the reports you create will take the revised allowance into account.

Intelligent defaults for these settings ensure you only change them if required.

Cadex SA provides intelligent spreadsheet reports that are created using the normal Report functionality in Tekla Structures.

Unlike normal reports these spreadsheets have considerable enhanced functionality & capabilities.

These reports once created are easily customizable to meet user preferences or to allow for late changes.

Our spreadsheets are carefully formatted for print, including seamless conversion to PDF.

Users have the flexibility to modify styles directly within the spreadsheet, ensuring a personalized look and feel it necessary.

Users can effortlessly adjust the level of detail displayed on the report by hiding or unhiding columns, with changes reflected instantly ensuring you print the level of detail required. Cadex SA leverages advanced formulae and features in the intelligent spreadsheets – that ensures users can make adjustments as needed on the fly.

Deleting unnecessary rows and recalculations are performed accurately & automatically, maintaining the integrity of the report.

Adding new rows is a straightforward process as with any well-written spreadsheet – the intelligent formulae ensure the calculations and summaries update.

Incorporating late-breaking changes is straight forward. Users can directly modify relevant cells within the spreadsheet. For instance, adjusting the quantity of bolts required just by altering factor or the bolt count in the corresponding cell, with dependent quantities and summaries updating automatically.

The spreadsheets behave as would be expected from a well-written spreadsheet.

The fastest way to create good, consistent fabrication drawings.

Cadex SA’s drawing wizards ensure you create drawings quickly, consistently & accurately to predefined industry standard settings.

Drawing wizards are updated and extended – for example to create unfolded plate drawings that will only require touching up occasionally.

Choose the wizard that uses the latest drawing layouts or legacy layouts you’re accustomed to using. Your own settings & preferences in firm, project or model folders are automatically taken into account by the wizards.

We’ve updated & improved individual drawing layouts to provide better more predictable output.

Drawing settings allow hatch or fill on drawings to be changed easily on the fly from model settings for all drawings to suit changes in requirements.

Dimensioning settings have been updated & are more consistent.

Drawing revision marks and numbering. Drawing revision numbers increment automatically, Now Cadex SA’s app updates or increment revision marks automatically for selected drawings. Alphabetic or numeric revision marks can increment automatically. You can use any combination of marks – alphabetic or numeric – even supporting legacy drawing marking for example starting with A for the first mark & automatically incementing to B, C, D for preliminary drawings… & then switch to revision mark 0 for drawings when issued for construction & then have these update automatically to revision marks 1, 2, 3… Supports any mix of revision marks on selected drawings.

Camber & bolt slip. A useful app we’ve developed that allows for camber and/or bolt slip for trusses. Different camber shapes are supported for any truss shape.

Centroids & back marks. A useful tool we provide for checking. Show centroids & back marks – industry standard or your own custom back marks – for channels, angles, tees, I-shaped profiles. Just select the model objects & run the app.

Change numbering prefixes or start numbers. We’ve provided an updated app that does just that.

Ring marking. Plant layout or GA drawings can use improved legacy ring marking to identify items with tabulated reports and ring marks.

Concerned about changing numbering (part marks, assembly marks) or tracking changes. You can run an updated app to help with that – & even use one of reports to show parts or assemblies that have changed (and what the changes were).

Apps provided by others are more accessible – for example for identifying & flipping upside down contour plates.

Updates & improvement to component setting take into account changes in component functionality as well as help ensure users & industry requirements are easily met using settings provided.

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