The most advanced, most powerful RELEASE of TEKLA STRUCTURES

Tekla Structures 2023

User-experience improvements & feature updates as well as environment improvements.
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User-experience improvements & feature updates that transform the way you work

Tekla Structures 2023

Version Highlights

The new drawing Property Pane is a fast user-friendly tool that allows you to customize & edit your drawings effortlessly.

Create & modify drawing objects & copy properties between them. For dimensions, views, associative notes, & all mark types.

Work more efficiently & achieve better results in less time.

Improvements in special types of bolts & holes.

Tapped holes, offset bolts in slotted holes.

Model various special holes in the same bolt group.

Printing a large number of drawings in one go just got easier.

Before printing choose how to handle drawings that may interrupt the printing process.

Run a single print batch that continues printing – even if you leave the office.

Everything will be in the stack when the job is finished.

Choose how to use the base point for IFC4 exports.

Helps align your BIM model location with the civil coordinate system.

Especially useful in projects where others may be using different software.

Rebar & rebar set exports are now better supported.

More IFC entities & subtypes are included (e.g. ramps, windows and stairs).

Helps improve communication of designs to project stakeholders.

Easier collaboration with other project members with access to the drawing changes list in Tekla Model Sharing projects.

You can check & control the drawing versions that were created for each drawing during the project.

Admin users can view which projects each user belongs to.

This makes managing all users’ access easier.

An easy new way of communicating from Trimble Connect to a Tekla Structures model is available to streamline collaboration between users.

Now you can add property sets in Trimble Connect that can then be viewed directly within the Tekla Structures model.

This leads to more efficient model review & approval workflows, to more efficient erection, fabrication & on-site workflows where the data is tracked in Trimble Connect.

Keeping track of the changes in different versions of models is critical in project workflows.

You can now share Tekla Structures models with any Trimble Connect for Windows user, as well as allow them to compare & view the differences between model versions.

We provide a rich collection of technical settings & features to ensure you can work better

Cadex SA's environment for 2023

Environment updates & Highlights

Updated reports & drawing templates.

Adaptive reports & templates to easily adjust for different clients & project requirements.

Additional reports & templates in the Cadex SA bonus pack.

Updated bolt catalog.

Industry standard tapped holes.

Better hatching options that are easier to adjust.

Better dimensioning avoiding common dimensioning hassles.

Preconfigured settings are easier to find & easier to use.

Additional drawing layouts & faster drawings in the Cadex SA bonus pack.

New centroid & back mark app. Centroids & back marks are shown correctly in the model. Helps to get angle, channels, tees etc. modelled correctly. Back marks for angles, channels, tees and I profiles helps ensure bolts are placed correctly.

Apps provided for ring marking, saving preliminary marks,  changing numbering prefixes and start numbers have some improvements.

Some apps provided by others are more accessible – for example for identifying & flipping upside down contour plates. 

Auto connect for beams & columns connections improved. Double sided end plates are quicker to edit for special cases.

Improvements in haunch settings helps improve haunch workshop drawings.

General speed & accuracy updates & improvements.

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